​"Talent is not inborn."

"Man is a child of his environment."
"Creating a desire in the child is the parent's duty." 
“Beautiful tone, beautiful heart.”
"Knowledge is not skill. Knowledge plus ten thousand times is skill.”

Shinichi Suzuki


SMAC-BAPB is an association of Suzuki piano teachers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Its mission is to uphold and promote the Suzuki philosophy of music education. Members of SMAC-BAPB have Suzuki piano teaching credentials and have undergone training from highly respected and expert Suzuki teacher trainers. Members maintain a high standard of professionalism that values respect and integrity towards colleagues, students and families.

SMAC-BAPB encourages excellence in piano education within a supportive community of teachers, students and parents. The Graduation Program was established to provide a special environment wherein this can be achieved. Students ready to graduate from a level prepare pieces for evaluation. A panel of teachers decide the student's performance piece to be presented in the Graduation Concert. With teachers working together, high quality performances are achieved without competition. Students become inspired and motivated to pursue goals which will make them advance in their studies and complete the Suzuki program.

Continous teacher education is also a goal of SMAC-BAPB by providing teacher workshops and lectures with a variety of topics - from pedagogical techniques, Suzuki family values, musical repertoire and technique to the business aspects of managing a studio. In addition, members also attend or participate in professional concerts to maintain musicianship skills and ably provide the best piano education experience.

SMAC State Representative: Barbie Wong