General Information

The Suzuki Music Association of California - Bay Area Piano Branch would like to welcome you and your child to our Graduation Program. The teachers in this association are working together to provide a program where Suzuki piano students in the Bay Area have the opportunity to advance through progressive levels of achievement and be recognized in a formal concert and awards ceremony.


The Graduation Concert is a formal event designed for a family audience. Choose outfits that provide comfort and confidence while performing at the piano. Parents should select conservative styles that are age-appropriate. 


  • Dresses must fall below the knee 

  • Tuxedos and dark suits are appropriate

  • Dress pants and belt, with solid dress shirt (tucked) and tie, and coordinated jacket or vest (optional)

  • No sheer or clingy fabric or plunging necklines

  • No backless dresses

  • Use discretion with spaghetti straps

  • No shorts

  • No corduroy or denim pants 


  • Dress shoes are the most appropriate

  • Keep high heels to a moderate height

  • No sneakers

  • Wear dress socks when appropriate  


  • Wear nothing on fingers or wrists

  • Secure hair away from the face

  • Be able to walk naturally in shoes   

  • ​No hats                                             

On concert day:

Arrive promptly at the call time for students:
Students will be seated in the order of performance and rehearse without an audience. As they run through the procedures, they will be set up on the bench and footstool, and be able to play a little on the piano.

Remind family members to observe concert manners during the concert, such as:

  • entering or leaving the hall only during the applause (in between performances).

  • not leaving the seat while a student is performing.

  • being aware of the audience at the back when setting up or taking video or pictures. Flash photography, shutter noise or beeps are not permissible. 

  • Stay for the entire performance as all awards are presented at the end of the concert.