2022 FALL


The Graduation Program of the Suzuki Music Association of California, Bay Area Piano Branch, provides an inspiring and non-competitive environment where students feel motivated to progress from the first steps through the highest advanced level in the Suzuki Piano Method.


Through this program, teachers, parents, family, friends, and the community can recognize the accomplishments of these students in a formal event and awards ceremony.


The process of graduating a level is by submitting recordings of the students on the Graduation pieces. Teachers prepare their students and coach them for their recording and then receive an evaluation from the Listening Committee on improvements to further polish their piece for the upcoming concert.


The program provides an optimum performance opportunity and learning environment so that the students are successful in their performances and aspire to reach the next level after the concert. Teachers work together to create an environment where "ability develops ability" and the quality of the concert performances and the concert itself improves over time.

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