Process for Participation in SMAC-BAPB Graduation Program

Eligibility for Participation
Teachers submitting students for the Graduation Program must be current members of SMAC-­BAPB.

It is the responsibility of the teacher to decide at which level a student should enter the Graduation Program. 

I. Graduation Teacher Application

1. Take note of number of students participating in each Level. Send this information by email to Kent Tchii, Spring 2019 Graduation Chair ( two months before the Graduation concert.

    Deadline for Graduation count:  September 9, 2019

II. Recording

1. Teachers or parents record a videotaped performance of their student(s) that includes all of the pieces listed for their specific Graduation Levels. In order to ensure student's success, participant's recorded performance must be fluent and without stops. The book or music score should not be on the piano while recording. Read more onRecording Guidelines

2. Upload the recording to YouTube. Refer to Recording Guidelines

3. Test the YouTube link.

III. Choose a Viewing Evaluation Session

Contact the teacher host for the Viewing Evaluation Session you wish to attend.
Pick first and second choices for the viewing evaluation session you wish to attend. The second choice is necessary to ensure that viewing sessions will have  a manageable amount of videos. You will be notified if it is necessary to attend your second choice viewing session.

Schedule of Viewing Evaluation Sessions  for 2019 Fall Graduation

1.  Oct. 4, 2019, 9:30-12:30: Kent Tchii's session, HNU, McElroy Hall (maximum of 20 students).   
     Send email to
2. Oct. 4, 2019, 2:00 pm: Barbie Wong's session, Alameda. Send email to


Last day for weekend viewing session: Sept. 29, 2019 (weekend before the last day)
Last day for viewing session: Oct. 4, 2019 (one month before the concert)

​Fall Graduation: Nov.3, 2019

2. Submit the YouTube links by email to teacher host at least one day before the viewing session.  
​Note: Test the YouTube links before submitting to teacher host!

3. Download the
Graduation Evaluation Form, one for each student, and fill up needed information on the top portion of the form (Level, Student's Name, Age, Teacher). These will be brought to the Viewing Evaluation Session. Parents can also do this for the teacher.

4. Make sure that p
arents have paid the Graduation Application Fee online, which is $35 per student. The payment deadline is two days before the Viewing Evaluation Session date. Teachers will be informed if they still have students who have not paid the day before the Viewing Evaluation Session. Make online payment here:SMAC-BAPB Graduation Application

IV. Attend the Viewing Evaluation Session. This is a requirement.


The recordings are viewed and the teachers attending that session make recommendations for each student's performance. These are written on the evaluation form and given to the teacher at the session so that they can give the comments to the student. All participating teachers are required to take part in the viewing and evaluation process. Come prepared to share ideas and to help each other, as we all know that making a decent recording is the most difficult part of the graduation process!

For Viewing Session Hosts Only:

Submit graduation concert information to Graduation Chair (Kent Tchii, for program planning and printing. Please list the information in the following format:


 V. After the Viewing Sessions

The concert program is e-mailed to all participating teachers approximately 3 weeks before the concert. Notify the Graduation Director of corrections to the program as soon as possible. 

Participating teachers are to help with all aspects of the Graduation including the set-up, emceeing, adjusting bench and footstool, assisting in the awards ceremony and clean-up. Volunteer list will be sent out with the concert program for sign-up. 

Participating teachers must attend the concert. Please arrive one hour before the concert for stage set-up and concert organization.

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