• ​​​​Teacher attends pre-concert review meeting. On concert day, teacher arrives at the teacher call time with all the supplies for their jobs. Bench and stool adjusters must wear all black. All other teachers dress in formal concert attire.

  • Teacher must be available to attend the Graduation Concert. If the teacher is not available, the students must wait for the next graduation.​

  • ​​Teacher signs up for concert responsibilities such as certificates, pins, roses, adjustable stool, adjustable bench, emceeing, and program.

  • ​​Teacher attends and presents student video to Listening Committee made up of a minimum of three teachers including the student's teacher.​

  • ​​​​Student receives written evaluation from the Listening Committee.​ Student applies suggestions to their performance piece as they continue to polish it.

  • ​Teachers submitting students for Graduation  must be current members of Suzuki Music Association of California.​

  • Parent registers and pay fees before the deadline. $45. Student record video of qualifying pieces.

  • ​​Teacher reports the selected performance piece to the concert chair with the performance time. When the program is made, teacher proofreads it.

​​​​Process for Participating in the Graduation Program

  • ​​Teacher signs up potential students two months prior to the Graduation Concert.​