Guidelines Regarding Repeats

in SMAC-BAPB Graduation Concerts

(also for Recording)

In general:
Do repeats if there are no. 1, no. 2 repeats AND/OR D.C. al fine
written in the pieces whether they are from Baroque or Classical
Periods. Examples are Minuet 1 from Partita in B-Flat, BWV 825 in
Book 4 and Fur Elise by Beethoven.

For Minuets/Gavottes/Musettes/Giga/Suites/etc
by Bach, Handel, Petzold and so on from Baroque Period:
No repeats in general unless the repeats are played differently from
the first time with the distinguished embellishment or ornamentation. For example:

Book 2
No. 4 Minuet in G Major, BWV 822
No. 5 Minuet in G Major, Anon.
No. 6 Minuet in G Minor, BWV 822
No. 11 Minuet in G Major by Petzold

Book 3: No. 2 Minuet in G Minor by Petzold

Book 4:
Minuet 2 and Gigue by Bach

All Classical Period Sonatinas/Sonatas are not to be
For example:

Book 2: Sonatina in G by Beethoven

Book 3: Sonatinas by Clementi

Book 4: Sonata in G by Beethoven

Book 5: Sonatina in F by Beethoven and Sonata in C by Haydn

Books 6 & 7: Sonatas by Mozart and Scarlatti

Uploading Recordings to YouTube

1. Create a Google account. If you already have Gmail, skip this step.

2. Go to YouTube site:

​3. Click "Upload" on the upper right side of the homepage.

Note: Uploading a 5-minute piece takes approximately 20-30 minutes.

4. After uploading, you will be automatically directed to 'Edit' page. Under 'Privacy Settings' choose 'Unlisted' if you do not want the video to be available to the public. Type in needed information in 'Title' and 'Description' sections.

5. Very Important: Make sure to test the YouTube link or google drive link before submitting to your teacher or viewing session host.

Recording Guidelines

Students ready to graduate from a level are to record two polished and memorized pieces: the required graduation piece and a selection after the graduation piece in the Suzuki book.

Repertoire outside of the Suzuki books are allowed from Level 4 and above. In this case, the student records three pieces: the required graduation piece, second piece beyond the graduation piece in the Suzuki book and piece of choice outside
Suzuki repertoire of comparable level to the graduation piece (see
Graduation Levels). No method books or arrangements are allowed. 

Record student's performance on a piano that is in tune. In order to ensure student's success, participant's recorded performance must be fluent and without stops.​ The book or music score should not be on the piano while recording. Take note of performance time for each piece.

The final decision on the piece to be performed at the Graduation Recital will be made by the Evaluation Committee.

Only YouTube and google drive video links will be used in the viewing sessions.

What to say in the recording?
First, the student takes a bow, then announces name, age, teacher and pieces with the composer's name as an introduction in the recording.

  "My name is _______ . I am fourteen years old. My teacher is Mr. ____.
​ I will play Etude, Opus 10, No. 3 by Frederic Chopin.

After finishing, it is recommended that the student say "Thank you for listening."​